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Grow your business by leading the energy transition

Flexide Energy helps the industry to take advantage of the new market, digital and technical opportunities arising along the energy transition

With the increasing amount of renewable energy, changes in the power sector have never been so fast! It creates new challenges for the power sector but also new opportunities for energy stakeholders, renewable energy producers and industrial consumers. 

Work with Flexide Energy and win the energy transition!

Flexide Energy is working on innovative studies and projects across the entire power sector value chain in Europe, USA and Brazil. Over the years and thanks to ad hoc partnerships, our team has developed unique knowledge and skills in various areas such as renewable energy integration, energy storage, new market mechanisms, demand response, energy as a service business models, etc. 

Flexide has a holistic view of these new opportunities and knows how to apply them to your business. We apply analytic technologies to empower new market opportunities, define optimal energy management strategies and develop strong business models, helping you to differentiate yourself from your competitors and increase your profit. 

A world-wide vision of the opportunities and solutions 
Local knowledge of the markets and stakeholders
The application of optimization and AI to the energy sector
Flexide Industry
Our Services

Our Services

To take advantage of the energy transition


Power Grid Operators

We provide strategic and technical consulting to power grid operators for the optimal integration of large amounts of Renewable Energy Sources in their power system. Work efforts fall into three categories: Market, Regulatory/ Policy and Technical Pathways.

Industrial Consumers

The high penetration of renewable energy in the power system changes the dynamic of the energy market and creates new opportunities, mainly by valorizing your energy flexibility.

Flexide knows these opportunities and how to apply these to your business, taking into account your operational constraints and your energy procurement strategy. 
Discover how to decrease your energy costs with Flexide! 

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Energy Storage and Microgrids

We identify the best revenue streams from the market for the operation of your energy assets (storage, CHPs, flexible loads), calculate the optimal sizing of the installation, define the solutions and develop the business cases for the actors of the project.

Thanks to our in-house solutions and strategic partnerships, we can manage the projects from the study phase to the implementation phase. 

Business Development

Product and Business Development

Innovation and new profits for your company

Flexide helps energy stakeholders and service providers to leverage new market and digital opportunities. In close collaboration, we develop new products and innovative business models on top of their knowledge and skills.

Some references: 

  • Contrat de Performance Energétique: Energy as a Service model for energy retrofit projects in Luxembourg. The first project has been developed and implemented end of 2018

  • Energy Communities: Development of a concept and a business model for zero emission districts in Luxembourg. 

  • Energy Storage Optimization: Development of predictive algorithms to optimize energy storage for peak shaving in USA. The customer has been selling the product for 2 years with success!

  • CHP Optimization: We identified 15% of additional revenues for a 1,5MW CHP in Luxembourg, by valorizing its flexibility.

  • Market Analysis: Energy storage market and opportunity analysis for the Moroccan region


You have a decentralized generation?

Quick wins for your company!



The high penetration of renewable energy in the power system changed the dynamic of the energy market. It creates new opportunities for the valorization of the energy produced by your cogeneration and the valorization of your flexibility in the market.

Contact us to take advantage of the new 2019-2020 market opportunities and increase your profit!

     Backup Genset     

Backup Genset

Create an additional source of income for your company by providing a reserve of power to Elia with your emergency genset for stabilizing the power grid. Your genset will be started only a few hours a year and you will get a remuneration for the capacity (€/MW) and for each activation (€/MWh).

About Us

Our Team

Skilled and dynamic people

Flexide Energy regroups talented and ambitious engineers and economists who have an international experience in the fields of renewable energy, grid services, energy storage, demand response and IT applied to energy. 

Thanks to ad hoc partnerships with experienced companies, we are able to manage various and complex projects. 


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Pierre-Henri Gresse

Managing Partner & Founder

Mobile: +32498607235



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