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Grow your business by leading the energy transition

Flexide Energy helps the industry to take advantage of the new market, digital and technical opportunities arising along the energy transition

With the increasing amount of renewable energy and the electrification of the energy, changes in the power sector have never been so fast! It creates new challenges for the power sector but also new opportunities for industrial consumers and renewable energy project developers.

Partner with Flexide Energy and lead the energy transition!

Flexide Energy is here to help you seize these opportunities with our comprehensive AI-based and software solutions. Our holistic approach integrates electrification, energy markets, digital technologies, and investor interests to ensure the optimal performance and economic success of your decarbonized projects.

Leverage our Flexide Asset Management platform to economically optimize your energy mix, storage, and electric vehicle (EV) infrastructure projects from initial study through operation. Reduce your energy costs, enhance your project's return on investment, and gain a competitive edge with Flexide.

A world-wide vision of the opportunities and solutions 
Local knowledge of the markets and stakeholders
The application of optimization and AI to the energy sector
Flexide Industry
Our Services

Our Services

To take advantage of the energy transition


Energy mix and storage optimization

We specialize in determining the optimal economic sizing for your multi-vector energy assets, including renewable energy sources (RES), storages, EV chargers, CHPs, heat pumps, Power-to-X, and X-to-Power. We identify the best revenue streams from energy markets, calculate your ROI, and develop business cases for stakeholders. 
With our Flexide Asset Management platform, expertise, and strategic partnerships, we are able to manage your projects from the study phase through operation.

Industrial consumers

Maximize the value of your energy flexibility in the evolving energy markets. Whether integrating flexibility into your production process or leveraging decentralized power generation (e.g. CHP, storage, PV), Flexide helps you reduce energy costs while considering operational constraints and energy procurement strategies. 
Discover how to decrease your energy costs with Flexide! 

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Innovation projects

Innovation is at the core of our mission in the energy transition. We participate in projects involving AI, smart heating network management, EV optimization with bi-directional charging, battery lifecycle management, etc. Our strategic partnerships foster the creation of ground-breaking solutions by combining diverse skills and knowledge.

Business Development

Our solution Flexide Asset Management

To make the most of your decarbonized investments

Our Flexide Asset Management cloud platform optimizes in simulation and operation energy mix, storage, and EV infrastructure projects by capitalizing on energy market opportunities, including dynamic tariffs and grid services, in addition to traditional on-site renewable self-consumption operation.

Using AI and digital twin models, our platform dynamically adjusts to reduce your energy costs and improve ROI, ensuring financial resilience during energy price fluctuations and the next energy crisis.

We apply our solution during the full life-cycle of a project, from the planning stage to the operation:



Create a digital twin of the project and energy markets
Assess energy mix and market participation models
Develop action plans and incremental investment strategies, based on your evolving needs


Interface with on-site automation systems and market players (BRP/BSP)
Setup project and market participation models in the platform
Integrate specific operational, economic and carbon emission constraints


Conduct multi-market economic optimization and operation
Manage real-time energy market dispatch of assets
Provide transparent monitoring and financial reporting


Adapt and improve
Leverage new market opportunities
Adapt to regulatory changes
Integrate additional energy assets (e.g. batteries, V1G/V2G EV chargers, EV fast chargers)


Unlock the value of your existing decentralized generation 

Quick wins for your company!



The high penetration of renewable energy in the power system changed the dynamic of the energy market. It creates new opportunities for the valorization of the energy produced by your cogeneration and the valorization of your flexibility in the market.

Contact us to take advantage of the new market opportunities and increase your profit!

     Backup Genset     

Backup Genset

Create an additional source of income for your company by providing a reserve of power to Elia with your emergency genset for stabilizing the power grid. Your genset will be started only a few hours a year and you will get a remuneration for the capacity (€/MW) and for each activation (€/MWh).

About Us

Our Team

Skilled and dynamic people

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Based in Liège, Belgium, our team comprises passionate professionals with expertise in energy markets, artificial intelligence and software development.

With over five years of experience in Europe and the USA, we are dedicated to innovation, energy transition and transparency. 

As we expand globally, we seek additional engineers and IT developers to join our team!

Job opportunity - Energy Systems Integration Engineer


Contact Us

We will be glad to hear from you!


Pierre-Henri Gresse

CEO & Founder

Mobile: +32498607235



Val Benoit - Génie Civil

Quai Banning 6

4000 Liège


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